Tania Tomyn
Tania Tomyn

Retrolock (RLC) Corporation CEO Tania Tomyn Announces Chris Moreno’s Promotion to Project Executive

Retrolock Corporation (RLC) is excited to announce the promotion of team member Chris Moreno from Senior Project Manager to Project Executive. Moreno has 20-plus years of experience in the door, frame, and hardware business. Over the course of his tenure, he has worked through some of the most significant projects in the Los Angeles market.

Tania Tomyn
Tania Tomyn

Tania Tomyn, CEO of the woman-owned and operated RLC, said Moreno is ready for this promotion and a born leader. Tania Tomyn along with the rest of the RLC staff, looks forward to seeing what new heights Moreno will achieve in this new chapter of his career with the company.

Moreno is a California State San Bernardino graduate with a bachelor’s in business administration. He previously worked with ISEC, a national interior company, as a senior project manager in DFH for over five years. Prior to that, he worked at American Building Supply, a billion-dollar door, millwork, and hardware product manufacturer and wholesale distributor, where he was a commercial sales representative for two years. Earlier in his career, he worked for two years as a project manager with AM Cabinets.

“Chris Moreno’s promotion to a Project Executive at RLC is a significant move and responsibility which was a natural progression in his career,” an RLC spokesperson said. “Chris’s ability to lead and mentor staff and mastering of his trade has made him stand out and be part of the executive team at RLC.”

Headquartered in Orange, California, with offices in Concord, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, RLC specializes in design-build and interior finish packages, including superior doors, frames, hardware, carpentry, and millwork. The growing company is unique in that Tania Tomyn and her team deliver stellar service and value by partnering with architects and designers to write spec and design with the designers’ and architects’ intent while sticking to clients’ budgets. Tania Tomyn and RLC focus on markets for multifamily housing, sports and entertainment venues, sports & entertainment venues, higher education, behavioral facilities, hospitals, and high-end hospitality.

Tania Tomyn and RLC are also well-known locally and abroad for philanthropy and animal and human rights advocacy. Tania Tomyn advocates for the rights of men, women, and children who are survivors of abuse, with a particular focus on helping residents of the island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The company also routinely donates to efforts including The Veterans Initiative of Canines for Independence and The Guardsmen.

To connect with Chris Moreno, visit his LinkedIn. To learn more about RLC, visit the website.

RetroLock Corporation Donates to The Tree Lot to Help Underprivileged Kids

The holidays are just around the corner and few things embody Christmas spirit like a well-adorned tree. The Guardsmen, a San Francisco non-profit, uses this unmistakable symbol of holiday cheer for a twofold purpose. In addition to selling trees that will beautify Bay Area homes and businesses, the group uses the proceeds to benefit tens of thousands of at-risk kids. This year, like many before, Tania Tomyn and Aaron Wesley Smith, CEO, and President of RetroLock Corporation, respectively, have donated generously to the cause.

RetroLock Corporation is one of the area’s most successful construction companies, a woman-owned and operated business headquartered in Orange, CA. Aaron Smith and Tania Tomyn and their talented team specialize in design-build and interior finish packages, including superior doors, frames, hardware, carpentry, and millwork. With offices in Orange, Concord, and Las Vegas, Nevada, RetroLock Corporation is praised for its commitment to exceptional design quality and value.

Tania Tomyn

But the company is not only respected for its impressive portfolio and gold-star reputation for beautiful and functional multifamily housing, sports and entertainment venues, higher education, behavioral facilities, hospitals, and high-end hospitality establishments. Aaron Smith and Tania Tomyn are also well-known for their commitment to giving back via causes including animal rescue and welfare, domestic violence prevention, protection, and rehabilitation and underprivileged youth empowerment.

This year, the RetroLock (RLC) Northern California’s office donated to The Guardsmen and Tree Lot. As a result of the company’s generous donation and other community donors, The Guardsmen will be able to give kids the opportunity to attend summer camps, after-school programs, and private schools.

“Members of The Guardsmen believe that the many opportunities afforded them in achieving personal success are directly related to the broad range of positive experiences they were fortunate to have growing up,” says the organization website. “The Guardsmen mission is to provide underprivileged youth in the Bay Area opportunities throughout their childhood to have positive life experiences outside the often-harsh realities of their daily lives.”

Since 1947, The Guardsmen has run The Tree Lot, staffed entirely by volunteers. To date, tens of thousands of young people have benefited from this annual fundraising endeavor and the charitable donations of companies like RetroLock and caring individuals like Aaron Wesley Smith and Tonia Tomyn.

Golfing for Scholarships: Retrolock and Shawmut Tee Off for Posse Foundation to Support Elite Higher Education Opportunities

Retrolock executives joined with business associates from Shawmut Design and Construction and a throng of other Los Angeles-area movers and shakers when they participated in the Seventh Annual Avison Young/Posse Foundation Golf Tournament, held at Calabasas Country Club near Los Angeles on Sept. 16.

A leader in construction and interior finishes, Retrolock (RLC) gives back to the community by contributing to numerous charitable and philanthropic concerns in Southern California, but the Posse Foundation is special, said RLC CEO Tania Tomyn.

Tania Tomyn

One of RLC’s partners, Shawmut Design and Construction, has long been involved with the Posse Foundation, Tomyn said. Once Tomyn’s friends at Shawmut told her about the Posse Foundation’s mission – placing multicultural teams of overlooked, high-achieving public high school students (a “posse”) into colleges on full scholarships – the family-oriented Tomyn became a big supporter, along with her spouse, Aaron Smith.

“Shawmut Design and Construction has long been heavily involved with the Posse Foundation,” Tania Tomyn said. “After we learned about the Posse Foundation, I got on board right away. It’s such a great cause.”

Sponsors of the Sept. 16 event to benefit the Posse Foundation enjoyed a round of golf on the historic Calabasas golf course, where every hole is named after an old Hollywood movie filmed on the nearby former Warner ranch, followed by a social gathering and satisfying dinner.

“This year RLC was one of the hole sponsors at Calabasas,” Tania Tomyn said. “We have been here before and it’s great to connect and reconnect with like-minded people.”

About Retrolock (RLC)

Based in Orange, California, and with offices in Concord, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Retrolock is a leader in interior finish scopes and continues to take on high-profile projects in California. The interior scopes include doors, frames, hardware, finish carpentry, millwork and access control. Retrolock is growing and attracting and hiring top industry performers to support its dynamic growth.

For more information visit: retrolock.com.

About the Posse Foundation

Founded in 1989, the Posse Foundation is an organization that identifies public high school students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential who may be overlooked by traditional college selection processes.

The Posse Foundation extends to these students the opportunity to pursue personal and academic excellence by placing them in supportive multicultural teams – Posses – of 10 students.

Today, 30 years since it embarked on its mission, the Posse Foundation has partnered with more than 50 colleges and universities – including elite institutions such as Vanderbilt University (the foundation’s original partner) the University of Virginia, the University of Chicago and top-tier liberal arts schools such as Denison University in Ohio and Davidson College in North Carolina.

Posse Foundation scholars are awarded four-year, full-tuition leadership scholarships. For more information, visit possefoundation.org.

About Shawmut Design and Construction

Shawmut Design and Construction is a national construction and engineering services firm, based in Boston, with offices in eight other major cities, including Los Angeles, where it was named the Best Place to Work in its category by Los Angeles Business Journal last month.

For more information about Shawmut Design and Construction in Los Angeles, click here.

Retrolock Corp. Cares for the Community, as Execs Participate in the Giving Circle Golf Tournament Charity Event at Half Moon Bay

Leaders from Retrolock Corporation, one of California’s best interior finish companies, were on the golf course earlier in September to meet everyone involved and assist the organizers in one of the top charity events in the San Francisco Bay area, held at the iconic Half Moon Bay Golf Links.

The Giving Circle charity’s mission is to provide relief to members of the Suffolk family, trade partners, and friends. Retrolock (RLC) and Suffolk have been partners for years, and Retrolock CEO Tania Tomyn has pledged to continue the relationship to uncover more successful stories and provide charity opportunities.

Based in Orange, Calif., and with offices in Concord, Calif., Las Vegas Retrolock (also known as RLC).

Support for The Giving Circle

Tania Tomyn, CEO of RLC, is committed to supporting charities close to her heart, especially causes that she feels are “family oriented”. One of those organizations is The Giving Circle charity. “It’s a great cause that impacts families.” Ms. Tomyn said, “and RLC has been supporting this charity for years and will continue to in multiple fundraising events annually.”

By hosting an event at Half Moon Bay, The Giving Circle and RLC both benefit by raising the profile of people in need of assistance, Tomyn said.

In addition, Ms. Tomyn said, the Suffolk organization (www.suffolk.com) is major, successful contractor with deep-rooted values in helping people in its community.

“As a trade partner, myself and our fellow employees believe in this cause and feel that it aligns with RLC’s mission of giving back,” Tania Tomyn said. “As RLC expands its business, we are thankful to be part of great events like this.”

In addition, Retrolock provides integrated security solutions featuring Access Control Video Surveillance, Video/Audio Intercoms and more. Retrolock offers products and services to both high-end residential and commercial customers, including custom interior finishing of doors, frames, hardware, finish carpentry, millwork and access control.

For more information visit: www.retrolock.com

About the Giving Circle

The Giving Circle is the largest network of Latino donors united by a sense of justice and generosity, with 22 giving circles throughout California and more than 500 members who have donated more than $1 million.

Go to https://latinocf.org/latino-giving-circle-network/ for more information.

Retrolock Corp. CEO Tania Tomyn Announces New $4M Banking Relationship with Gulf Coast Bank & Trust

Retrolock Corporation, an emerging leader in interior finishing and subcontracting throughout California, has procured a new banking relationship with one of the state’s (Gulf Coast is based in Louisiana) top lenders after Gulf Coast Bank & Trust provided a $4 million credit facility, Retrolock CEO Tania Tomyn announced.

Based in Orange, Calif., and with offices in Concord, Calif., Las Vegas and Montana, Retrolock (also known as RLC) continues to enjoy growth. The credit facility provided by Gulf Coast Bank & Trust will be extra capacity for the company’s upward trajectory and help it achieve its goals of continued stable growth, Tania Tomyn said.

Retrolock Offers turnkey interior design-build services. Doors, Frames, Hardware, Millwork, Finish Carpentry, Access Control.

With its new $4 million credit facility, Retrolock CEO Tania Tomyn expressed her excitement about how the company can move forward to achieve its planned growth for the future while providing its clients with the best service possible.

About Retrolock

Retrolock is an interior finish and sub-contracting company that is thriving as a leader in interior finish scopes and continues to take on high-profile projects in California. The interior scopes include doors, frames, hardware, finish carpentry, millwork and access control. As a result, Retrolock Corporation is attracting and hiring top industry performers to support its dynamic growth.

Retrolock Corporation has planned for stable growth for 2019 and 2020 and announced the hiring of 10 new employees in August 2019, including Millwork Project Managers, Senior and Associate level Estimators, an Operations Coordinator, a Company Controller, and other associates.

Retrolock Corporation’s CEO, Tania Tomyn Makes Major Announcement Regarding Hiring And Dynamic Growth At Retrolock

Tania Tomyn, CEO of Retrolock Corporation (also known as Retrolock and RLC), is proud to announce that Retrolock Corporation has successfully on-boarded 10 new employees in the month of August 2019. Retrolock is an interior finish and sub-contracting company that is thriving as a leader in interior finish scopes and continues to take on high-profile projects in California. The interior scopes include doors, frames, hardware, finish carpentry, millwork, and access control. Accordingly, Retrolock Corporation is attracting and hiring top industry performers to support its dynamic growth. Tania Tomyn said, “that the August 2019 new hires include DFH and Millwork Project Managers, Senior and Associate level Estimators, Operations Coordinator, Company Controller, an Executive Administrative Assistant, a warehousemen/driver, and a purchasing department associate.”

Tania Tomyn also said that “Retrolock is seeking additional DFH Project Managers for its Southern California and Northern California offices. Also, Retrolock is seeking an Associate Estimator for its Montana office. Additionally, RLC is seeking advanced Assistant Project Managers with DFH experience that can be trained to be Project Managers at Retrolock.” Tomyn said that the success that Retrolock has had attracting and hiring the “best of the best” has been driven in part by the unlimited opportunity for advancement at Retrolock, RLC’s understanding of the market’s strong compensation rates, Retrolock’s workplace environment and its warm employee-friendly culture. For additional information regarding the open positions available at Retrolock, please email jonc@retrolock.com

Additionally, Retrolock Corporation will soon be announcing the onboarding of its new Access Control Division manager. At present, Retrolock is performing Access Control installations, but its growth in the Access Control space is cause for RLC to create a separate division for Access Control and hire an Access Control divisional leader. Also, outstanding Access Control services, as provided by RLC will further enhance Retrolock’s value, as a fully integrated interior scope service provider.

Based in Orange, Ca., and Concord, Ca., RetroLock Corporation continues to see quick and substantial growth with additional locations operating in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Montana. Tania Tomyn leads her team in a positive direction with a focus on investing in clients’ specific needs. For more information visit: www.retrolock.com.

CEO of RetroLock, Tania Tomyn, Visits St. Croix

It was quite easy for Tania Tomyn, CEO of RetroLock Corporation, to fall in love with the Caribbean as a child. Her parents had a second home on the island of St. Croix, which turned into their full-time residence for the past decade. Tania Tomyn’s passion for the people of St. Croix has led her to visit the island for outreach initiatives and business frequently.

An ongoing power crisis has put a strain on St. Croix and the US Virgin Islands. Prices constantly surge and fluctuate over .50 KWh, which is four times the national average. This, in turn, has changed the social-economic climate on the islands, as people struggle to afford what most consider a necessity. Tania Tomyn worked as a partner and investor in The Renewable Energy Project for over four years but was unable to fix the power crisis due to complicated circumstances.

“Residents have to make choices that you would not normally have to make just to pay the power bills,” said Tania Tomyn.

Local farmers in the community largely supported The Renewable Energy Project. One of the most common sources of baseload power in Europe, the Caribbean, and the United States originates from crops which are a feedstock in the Anaerobic Digestion Process (AD). Tania Tomyn’s company was awarded a Power Purchase Agreement with Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA) for $450 Million in 2013. It was approved by the Public Service Commission and fully entitled with EPA, Local DNR, Department of the Interior, and FAA. The US Department of Agriculture was also providing a debt financing program for rural communities.

In 2014, Puerto Rico’s credit rating fell, and the US Virgin Islands followed suit. Although the project was fully developed, investors drew back, and the US government (USDA Rural Utilities) debt providers withdrew their participation. Unfortunately, Tania Tomyn and her team had no choice but to abandon the project in 2015. If the Renewable Energy Project had gone into effect, 9MW of baseload power would have been provided to the Island of St. Croix, equivalent to 20% of their current total grid. In addition, the project would have had the lowest carbon footprint compared to any other power used in the USVI. It would have been lower than solar, natural gas, or hydro.

Even the best projects can be severely affected by the financial stability of a region, something Tania Tomyn has always understood as an entrepreneur. Although she was unable to impact the community through The Renewable Energy project, she serves the area in other ways. Tania Tomyn supports victims of abuse at the St. Croix Women’s Coalition (WCSC), where people can receive counseling, jobs, skill training, and traditional temporary housing.

“This organization is incredible,” said Tania Tomyn. “It positively affects so many people’s lives.”

WCSC helps not only women, men, and children who fall victim to abuse, but also those who are hit with a monumental natural disaster. After Hurricane Irma, WCSC delivered supplies to the elderly and the Boys and Girls Club. The organization also provided temporary housing to those in need of shelter.

Tania Tomyn has previously served on the board of the St. Croix Women’s Coalition. Her husband, Aaron Smith of Orange County California, also supports WCSC. He actively participates in their events, including the annual run which helps raise awareness and donations. During her recent trip, Tania Tomyn met with the Executive Director of WCSC, Clema Lewis, to make a donation. They also discussed the many ways RetroLock is bringing awareness to their cause. Clema Lewis has devoted her life to this organization and cause. www.wcstx.org

Tania Tomyn is the CEO of an Interior Finish business operating in Orange, California. RetroLock Corporation specializes in interior finish solutions such as doors, frames, hardware, millwork, specialty metals, and finish carpentry and installation. Tania Tomyn’s team is fully aware of the issues in St. Croix and supports WCSC in reaching their goals. For more information, please visit: www.retrolock.com

Female CEO, Tania Tomyn, a Leader in Multifamily High Rise Interiors Industry

Tania Tomyn

RetroLock Corporation, led by Tania Tomyn, offers clients a one of a kind experience.
Even in today’s modern society, it is not very common to see women leading large companies in the construction industry. Tania Tomyn, CEO of RetroLock Corporation (also known as RLC), knew she had to set her interior finish and sub-contracting company apart from the others to be successful. RetroLock Corporation is thriving and continues to take on high-profile projects in California as a leader in interior finish scopes.

Clients find a different approach to design-build or design-assist through Retrolock. Developers and projects need to reduce costs but not reduce the quality of design intent. Interior scopes such as doors, frames, hardware, finish carpentry, millwork, and access control all are critical to how the project is identified in the end by users. Tania Tomyn is raising the bar by going a step further to guide her clients through creating their vision down to the final installation. Finally, a company that can bring together all the fine details for a high-quality result!

Excellent customer service and delivering measurable value is a core value for Tania Tomyn and her team at RetroLock. Throughout her career of owning many businesses, she has always been at the forefront. Clients receive the most value possible by having so many services at their fingertips, all through the same company! This allows clients to his budgets with chosen design goals, making RetroLock the best solution for all interior finish needs.

Retrolock / RLC is pushing the limits with design-assist. Tania Tomyn says “we must deliver higher brand value. There are good competitors in our market. RLC is pushing the boundaries by getting in early with the General Contractors and Developers and working with the designer and architect to hit design intent and budget. That is the trick and RLC has a large group of design-assist staff. RLC has even challenged our strategic vendors to be part of the process. “
Based in Orange, Ca., and Concord, Ca., RetroLock Corporation continues to see quick and substantial growth with a new location now operating in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Montana. Tania Tomyn leads her team in a positive direction with a focus on investing in clients’ specific needs. For more information visit: www.retrolock.com.

Tania Tomyn - Design-Build Interior FinishSolutions

Developers Turn to Tania Tomyn of Retrolock for Design-Build Interior FinishSolutions

Tania Tomyn and Aaron Smith, changing the industry standard.

Tania TomynTania Tomyn and her husband Aaron Smith have been working together for 15 years in the construction business. They successfully bring a higher level of service through their combination of diverse skill sets providing a competitive advantage to Developers, General Contractors, and Architects on the West Coast. Retrolock focuses on interior scopes such as Doors, Frames, Hardware, Metals, Millwork, Access Control.

Tania Tomyn’s team at Retrolock has built an incredible brand that has proven to be very successful. Her company Retrolock specializes in design-build interiors in Multi-Family Housing, Sports & Entertainment venues, Hospitality, and Commercial Projects. Construction costs have continued to rise, and clients need more value and options from their subcontractors. Retrolock’s model consists of getting in early and driving value by helping with design choices and hitting the client’s budget at the same time. That is unique and why Retrolock has had this success and growth. “Our investment into our client is greater than our competitors but that value is quickly measured, and all parties win when it all comes together,” says Tania Tomyn. “We are part of our client’s projects and helping them solve problems long before we, in this market, normally would be involved.”

Tania Tomyn understands the importance of having the best people in the business. Finding people is one of the greatest challenges in today’s market. Retrolock is nationally recruiting from the best in the business and trying to expand and build their team nationally, not just regionally. They have invested heavily in training and growing from within. Today Retrolock offers a package that they believe is better than their competitors and above market and all these different variables have allowed the organization to be cutting edge and maintain some of the best staff in the business today.

Retrolock has operations in Orange, CA., Concord, CA, and is a Women-Owned business.

Tania Tomyn - Victims of Abuse

Tania Tomyn, CEO of RetroLock, Helps Victims of Abuse

The people of St. Croix count on Tania Tomyn to advocate for their cause.

Tania Tomyn

RetroLock Corporation, which specializes in interior finish solutions, has made a name for itself recently in the construction and manufacturing industry. Tania Tomyn, CEO of RetroLock, has used her passion for customer service and quality products to build an extremely successful business model. As her company rises to success, people want to know more about Tania Tomyn and the way she uses her success to help others.

As a child, Tania Tomyn fell in love with the island of St. Croix, where her parents had their second home. Located in the beautiful US Virgin Islands, St. Croix offered wonderful childhood experiences for Tania and her family, so much so that she now regularly gives back to the community and those in need. She also encourages others to join her cause and help her make a difference in the lives of the islanders.

Tania Tomyn is an advocate for victims of abuse, taking a stand for the rights of men, women, and children. She previously held the positions of board member and funding chair for the St. Croix Women’s Coalition (WCSC). Ms. Tomyn is a current member of the NAWIC Women in Business. Fundraising and bringing awareness to this organization is important to Tania Tomyn, RetroLock Corporation, and of course to the people on the island of St. Croix.

WCSC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, helping them with unique challenges. Through the crisis intervention program, emergency housing is available to victims 24/7 in order to protect them from violent situations. All services are free and confidential, thanks to support from people like Tania Tomyn. The St. Croix Women’s Coalition continues to empower those impacted by violence, even offering a crisis hotline which gives advice and vital information to those who don’t know what to do or where to go.

About RetroLock Corporation

RetroLock Corporation has locations in Orange, Ca., Concord, Ca., and Las Vegas, Nevada. This company is set apart from the rest due to its focus on design-build at the beginning of large scale projects. Tania Tomyn truly cares about bringing the most value possible to her clients by working with architects to create the perfect product while saving the clients’ money and staying within budgets. This company currently focuses on markets for multifamily housing, sports & entertainment venues, higher education, behavioral facilities, hospitals, and high-end hospitality.